Alex Murdaugh, the disgraced scion of the legal dynasty that controlled the workings of both the law and the law enforcement in South Carolina’s Lowcountry, is unable to talk to or meet with his attorneys because someone in the jail in which he’s being held has Covid-19.
"Perhaps the only thing that was truly surprising was that the person on trial was female. Frankly, for every Ms. Holmes, there are thousands of men out…
A friend and long-time advisor of Prince Andrew (now to be known as the Duke of York, given he’s been stripped of his “HRH” title) tells me that his…
What Epstein’s Wealth Meant to Prince Andrew
The Dilemma of the Journalist Who Talked to the Maxwell Juror
Dispatches from the Ghislaine Maxwell Trial
The Death of James Cayne
The Full Transcript from My 2002 Interview with Ghislaine Maxwell
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