Ransome's photos aren't indisputable evidence of anything except Epstein bringing overage women to his island. I should point out also that everyone looks to be having a good time.

Ransome did claim she invented the tapes because she was supposedly scared of Epstein (then she went back to America and sued him for millions??) but she also told the Miami Herald another story: "she was alarmed that the U.S. media had failed to investigate whether Trump and Bill and Hillary Clinton were connected to Epstein”. Essentially, she tried to damage the reputations of both Hillary and Trump, right before the election, based on her belief that the media wasn't telling the truth as she saw it. Typical conspiracy theorist fare.

The photos of Mandelson, pictured in St Barts, are not new, were already published by the Daily Mail in 2019, and were also in the back of Ransome's book that you mentioned. I don't see what's strange about Mandelson visiting the island. Mandelson is gay and was apparently in the company of his boyfriend Reinaldo who he has now, apparently, married.

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I am the only person who has noticed that the media — the mainstream media — has had no problem mentions names of prominent men who socialized with Epstein or were flown around on his plane but never mention any prominent media figures doing the same? They know that the pious George Stephanopolous and Katie Couric both were involved in the effort to redeem his image after he was exposed as having sex with minors. Both were at a dinner with him that was designed just for that purpose. This was not some large society party but a small dinner party set up by his publicist.


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