About “Vicky Ward Investigates”

“Vicky Ward Investigates” is a newsletter from investigative journalist and New York Times bestselling author Vicky Ward. Published multiple times a week.

I have spent my journalism career carving out a niche exposing the corruption that often occurs at the intersection of politics, money, and the culture. For outlets including CNN, the New York Times, Vanity Fair, Esquire, Rolling Stone, The Daily Beast, The Guardian, the Financial Times, Town & Country, the Huffington Post, and more, I have covered a wide array of subjects. Topics I have written about include:

·      The mystery behind Jeffrey Epstein (including whether or not he was a spy).

·      Jared Kushner, Ivanka Trump and the possible self-interest behind the Trump Administration’s dangerous foreign policy.

·      The link between Donald Trump and Giuliani associates Lev Parnas and Igor Fruman (including an exclusive on Parnas’s claim that he was on a “secret mission” for Trump in Ukraine).

·      The insidious role of dark money in our elections.

·      The powerful families who seem to control our politics.

·      Cyber security expert Dmitri Alperovitch who found the Russians in the DNC network.

·      The fight for America’s most expensive building and how Donald Trump lost it.

·      The real story of the personal feuds behind the collapse of Lehman Brothers.

·      The inside story of Fairfield Greenwich, the feeder fund for Bernie Madoff that no one saw coming.

·      Corruption at cultural institutions such as the Guggenheim and Getty museums.

·      The outing of CIA operative Valerie Plame.

·      The definitive piece on the toxic battle at Hewlett Packard between Carly Fiorina and Walter Hewitt.

·      And much, much more.

I try to fly above partisan politics and avoid expressing any personal opinions about what I write. My aim is to show and not tell through in-depth reporting and to let the reader decide for themselves the thorny questions I tackle.

In “Vicky Ward Investigates,” you can expect breaking news as I share from-the-ground information on my current reporting. You’ll hear new stories about boldface names you think you know and startling stories about people that perhaps you didn’t know but should. From New York real estate to Silicon Valley to the Beltway, I will endeavor to provide the inside information that gets you behind the headlines. You can also expect glimpses into what’s on my desk and in my head—the bizarre emails and phone calls I receive and the difficult, often complicated route between hearing startling information and then nailing it down to make it printable. I will also let you see my hate mail—because when you tackle controversial topics and powerful people and institutions, there is plenty of it.

Given that my documentary series “Chasing Ghislaine” (based on my Audible podcast of the same name) is now streaming on discovery+, you can expect to hear news about everything from the fall-out from the trial of alleged Epstein associate Ghislaine Maxwell—and the collateral damage around it—as well as a catch-up with what is really going on on Wall Street, in high society, and in Washington D.C. (I wrote the 2019 book Kushner, Inc.) as well as the latest twists and turns in the downfall of prominent South Carolina lawyer Alex Murdaugh—a true story that is stranger than fiction. I’ve been spending time down in South Carolina with a camera crew, and I’ll be sharing breaking news right from the heart of Hampton County.

About Me

I am a New York Times bestselling author, investigative reporter, and magazine feature writer. I am most recently, the host and producer of “Chasing Ghislaine,” available now as an Audible Original podcast and as a documentary streaming now on discovery+.

Before that, I was Senior Reporter at CNN. Previously, I was the editor at large of HuffPost and HuffPost’s long-form magazine, Highline, as well as at Town & Country magazine. I was also a contributor to Esquire, a contributing editor to Vanity Fair for eleven years, and a columnist for the London Evening Standard. In June 2020, I joined the Council on Foreign Relations.

My most recent book—Kushner, Inc.: Greed. Ambition. Corruption. The Extraordinary Story of Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump (St. Martin’s Press, 2019)—was an instant New York Times bestseller. My 2014 book, The Liar’s Ball: The Extraordinary Saga of How One Building Broke the World’s Toughest Tycoons (Wiley), is being developed as a TV series by Keshet TV. My 2010 book, The Devil’s Casino: Friendship, Betrayal and the High Stakes Games Played Inside Lehman Brothers (Wiley), is a New York Times bestseller.

I am presently at work on my fourth book.

How It Works

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Exposing corruption at the intersection of politics, money, and culture.


Journalist working at the intersection of power, money & corruption. NYT bestselling author. Host/reporter of "Chasing Ghislaine" (Audible/Discovery)