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Who Wins from Biden’s Saudi Visit? MBS, Trump—But, Quietly, DeSantis

Is the House Oversight Committee Going Soft on Jared Kushner Because of the Jan. 6 Hearings?

Exclusive: Investigators Believe Alex Murdaugh Acted Alone

“If American People Really Understood How Power Works Inside the Beltway, They’d Faint.”

Trump on Meadows: "I have my own James Baker"

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We Now Know Trump Was Repeatedly Told There Was No Election Fraud. But Did He Believe It?

Jared and Ivanka are the Tom and Daisy Buchanan of Our Modern Age

What General John Allen was Doing in Tampa Helps Us Understand the Newly Announced FBI Investigation

The Big News You Might Have Missed Out of Yemen This Week

A Tale of Two Books

“If Existing Law Does Not Prohibit What Jared Kushner Did, Perhaps It Should.”

Harry, Megan, Andrew, and Fourteen American Presidents: A Brief Look at the Queen's Reign and the Future of the Monarchy

Last Night's Primary and the Trump/Desantis Battle for Control of the GOP

BREAKING: Kemp Beats Trump-Backed Purdue

Everyone is Talking about New York Real Estate

What Exactly Were Jared Kushner and Steven Mnuchin Up to in the Middle East?

Is the Swamp Finally Being Drained?

“This is a War Between Russia and the United States. It Just Happens to be on Ukrainian Soil.”

"How Can You Win a War With the Whole World?”

Presidential Relatives Behaving Badly: What’s the Difference Between Hunter Biden and Jared Kushner?

“That's Why I Am Scared to Speak Out”

“Anything Can Happen in New Jersey”

Exclusive: Oligarch with Hunter Biden Connection Avoids Sanction List

Text Messages Show the Critical Role the Trump White House Had in Giving MBS His Job

Kushner and MBS Discussed U.S. Intelligence, Legal Documents Show

EXCLUSIVE: The *Real* Reason Jared Kushner was Given $2 Billion to Invest by MBS

Is the Saudi Money to Jared Kushner a Sign the Gulf Thinks Trump is Returning?

Yale Law School Wars, Part Two: When the Powers That Be Grant Pre-Emptive Victim Status

Did Javanka Testify About Jan. 6th to Get Accepted to a Country Club?

Minute-by-Minute: Inside The Out-Of-Control Protest at Yale Law School

A Small-Town Polish Mayor and the Head of an Anti-Trafficking NGO on the Horrific Human Trafficking at Ukraine’s Borders

Why is Israel So Slow to Support Ukraine? Ask Jared Kushner.

Where are the Russian Oligarchs? Ask Their Girlfriends, the “ROGs”

Why Does it Matter if Juror 50 Lied in the Ghislaine Maxwell Trial?

March 8 is Critical in the Never-Ending Saga of Ghislaine Maxwell

“There’s a Narrative in Russia That You Won’t Hear in the U.S. Media”

“Putin was Playing Chess While the Rest of the World was Playing Checkers”

Jean-Luc Brunel’s Suicide Shuts One of the Main Doors to Unraveling the Mysteries of Jeffrey Epstein

Prince Andrew Settles to Keep Giuffre Case Out of the Courts

The Last Word on the New Yorker and Isaac Chotiner

What the New Yorker Got Wrong

What is Likely to Happen in the Ghislaine Maxwell Case?

Lev Parnas on What’s Really Going on with Putin and Ukraine

BREAKING: The Leon Black Saga Just Got Even Madder, Spelling Potential Big Trouble for Lawyers

The Mad, Sad World of Leon Black

Extraordinary Exaggerations

EXCLUSIVE: Alex Murdaugh Not Allowed To See His Lawyers Due to Covid Quarantine

There Will Be More Elizabeth Holmeses

A Source Speculates a Suicidal Prince Andrew May Not Even “Make It” to His Deposition

Money Man

Modern Media

An Astonishing Post-Verdict Twist

A Very Important Postscript to the Maxwell Trial