Jun 27, 2022 • 16M

How the Overturning of Roe v. Wade Might Impact Ghislaine Maxwell's Sentence

Checking in with former AUSA David Weinstein on the eve of Maxwell's sentencing

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Ghislaine Maxwell in court for her trial on charges of sex trafficking on December 3, 2021. || JANE ROSENBERG / Getty

In a case that’s already been a rollercoaster, we encounter yet another: Today should be the eve of Ghislaine Maxwell’s sentencing, but we’re now not certain it will go forward. After Maxwell was placed on suicide watch in prison over the weekend, her lawyers have asked to delay the sentencing.

I took a moment to check in with David Weinstein, former AUSA for the Southern District of Florida-turned-litigator. Weinstein has been my legal guide throughout the Maxwell trial and, as we enter what should be the final stages of this case (whether the proceedings happen tomorrow or next week, we’ll have a sentence soon), I wanted to hear his perspective.

He had some interesting thoughts about what happens next, including how Friday’s overturning of Roe v. Wade might have an impact on the Maxwell sentence.

The suicide watch and the legal back-and-forth between Maxwell’s lawyers and the lawyers for the government are unusual things to happen right before a sentencing, but everyone knows what happened right before Jeffrey Epstein was due in court. And no one wants a rerun of that, hence the extra precautions.

So while we’re waiting to hear from Judge Nathan whether or not she will proceed with the sentencing tomorrow, listen to my conversation with Weinstein in the player above.

I’ll have more news regarding the proceedings as things develop, so stay tuned…

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