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Demolition Day

The Epstein Story Gets Even Darker

Journalism Is Not Dead!

Why Kushner Held a Private Meeting with Billionaires and the Qatari PM

The Kushner Family, Alan Dershowitz, and Trump White House Pardons

A Moment's Reflection, One Year On...

"She's Got the Biggest Set of Balls In The Room"

Jared and Ivanka Go for Global...


You Want to Know What Trump Really Thinks About The Middle East?

The Art of Trump and Pump and Dump

Today Is The Seventh Anniversary Of The Secret Trade That Put Trump In the White House

Pipeline to Power: The Forty Year Plan to Capture The Supreme Court

Leon Black's Epstein Nightmare Worsens

There's One Book You Must Read this Summer


Some News!

Jeffrey Epstein was Davos on Steroids

Jeffrey Epstein's Elite Concierge Service

Even At JP Morgan They Wondered Who Jeffrey Epstein's "Clients" Were.

Low Maintenance Melania?

Trump, The Ringmaster Returns

Who Does Donald Trump's Indictment Help? Jared Kushner

Inside Michael Cohen's U-Turn on Trump - and My First TikTok

Should TikTok Be Banned?


I Say To Dems: A Bragg Indictment Of Trump Does You No Favors

The Final Stretch

Questions, Questions, Questions...

The Royal Family's Surprising Role Model? Fergie

Trump vs DeSantis: What Trump's Recent Bump In the Polls Could Mean Longterm?

The Scariest Alex Murdaugh Trial Take-Away: He Almost Got Away With It

Did Rupert Murdoch's Admission Kill The Televised Debate?

Murdaugh, Murdoch, Mother Courage...

"Billionaire Time..."

Listen! Reed Galen of The Lincoln Project Asks Me To Explain The Back Story Of Why Washington D.C. Was Unprepared For Two NY Real Estate Scions To Enter the White House

Ukraine War Special: Would You Get Pregnant Because Putin Promised To Pay Your Mortgage?

"My Cousins are Fighting on Either Side...They Tell Me: "We Don't Know Who To Shoot"

Defense Attorney in the Alex Murdaugh Trial Who Pulled Gun on Me Does Same To Prosecutors...Who Are Not Amused

A Year Ago Today

How Jeffrey Epstein Weaponized Humor

Who Are Sarah and Omar Aljabri? In Photographs and in Words...

EXCLUSIVE: Kushner Missed Chance to Save Children of US Ally from MBS

There's even more to say about the Kushner/Trump/MBS vortex ...Standby.

Murdaugh Trial: Why Buster Murdaugh Flipped the Bird At Star Witness

Bomb Threat at Murdaugh Trial

Murdaugh Trial: Will The Sex Worker Testify?

Armie Hammer: Why Was He So Reckless?


Jared Kushner's Little Brother is Richer than Both Him And Trump. How?

"People Will Lose their Jobs Over this!" SLED Chief's Behind Doors Reaction to Murdaugh Trial Testimony

Inside An FBI Sting on Russian Oligarch Oleg Deripaska

My Dance Partner, Russian Oligarch Oleg Deripaska is Back in the News

Murdaugh Trial: I sat down with Murdaugh defense attorneys Dick Harpootlian and Jim Griffin. I was handed a gun.

Why no mention of Qatar, Mike?

Questions About Prince Andrew's Strange Settlement with Virginia Giuffre

Watch! Jessica Reed Kraus and I Discuss Ghislaine Maxwell's Extraordinary Behind Bars Interview

“I don’t think the picture is real. It is a fake.”

"Alex Murdaugh might be in jail. That doesn’t mean his tentacles stop at that cell door."

Do you know of CEOs ousted by their predecessors?

Goldman Gossip: Is DJ CEO being spun by predecessor in press?

As Jared Plots World Domination, Ivanka Seems to Have Settled into Floridian Retirement

Saudi-Owned LIV Golf Has Put Millions into Trump’s Pockets

Are the British Press As Bad as Prince Harry Says?

There Are Some Big Discrepancies in the Epstein-Related Lawsuits

From the Desk of Vicky Ward: The Real Mystery about Prince Harry’s "Spare"

Sources Tell Me the Invisible Men from Jeffrey Epstein’s World Are Running Scared

What’s Your Burning Question?