I think you are too emotionally involved in this. Example: Kushner did not walk away with $2 billion "in his pocket." He got $2 billion for his fund. He will have to hire highly paid investor professional, buy expensive equipment and Bloomberg subscriptions for all, etc. He'll collect about 1% of that per year to cover his expenses, and if -- and only if -- he produces profits, he'll likely get 17.5% of that -- again, to share with the team and cover costs.

As for Trump, of course he is a deeply emotionally disturbed creature, and reflexively dishonest. It is agonizing for me that he would be the likely choice to take on Biden in '24, when Biden has always been as dumb as Trump from more sophisticated in his dishonesty. The problem is that these hearing don't matter. "Barry Carroll"'s comment below reflects the views of a very large number of Americans. And if Trump goes against an increasingly enfeebled Biden, the extremist Harris or a messed up divided Dem. party after a post-Biden primary, we may be in for an agjng Trump presidency.

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Vicky, have you been drinking the Kool-Aid?

Of course everyone in Washington said the election was safe. All of us folks in the American land - like Trump - know it was not. There is so much evidence and you can start with 2000 Mules. Or do you think that is inaccurate like that bleach blond wack-a-doodle Cheney? I read all your writings, but you have gone too far with this and I will be a short term paid subscriber.

Interview 1,000 former Trump people and yes they think he was wrong about the election.

Interview 200 million of us in the land and we think those people are protecting their power, ego and turf and we think Washington, the lamestream media is part of the cabal as are big tech.

How stupid do you think we are?

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