I did not find it a waste of time ... rather, confirmation that these two lucky sperm club members have chutzpah to burn. They are carrying on as though they were just the rich kids next door, when, in fact, it’s only a matter of days for her (weeks for him) when she’s in a NY courtroom, and he’s in front of a Senate committee. (You know, about the 2billion$ he is in no way qualified to hedge.)

As for fraudulently overvaluing everything, “Bear in mind Trump’s answer to this has already been: “I didn't get involved in it very much.” Vank’s answer will be the same ... but, oh, the indignity. And let us not forget that Jared’s father has already *been* to jail, and if justice prevails, hers will wind up there. This set up does not for position and influence make. I wish for them nothing but what they deserve.

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Nov 1, 2023·edited Nov 5, 2023

Kushner is a corrupt scumbag responsible for numerous murders, tortures and disappearances in Saudi Arabia after he personally hand-delivered a classified kill list of MBS opponents to Saudi Arabia in late October, 2017. Here’s my story regarding this douche and the corruption he and his father-in-law, Trump represent.

In February 2009, during a business trip to London, I protected my sales engineer from MBS at a private club in Mayfair, London, called The Whiskey Mist, when MBS was just a large, entitled, unknown Saudi prince (and Xavier, the handsome young french doorman who was unwise enough to let me enter). Our violent physical altercation escalated later in the night when I asked MBS how it was possible that 15 of the 19 highjackers on 911 could have been Saudi in what I'll readily admit was a bit of 'and by the way, fuck you' moment. My US sales engineer and I were staying at the same hotel as MBS and his entourage, a place called the Grosvenor (thanks Priceline), just up the street, also in Mayfair. In retrospect, the birdstrike in LAX should have been my first hint from God to abandon the trip. Posh Spice's presence on my Air NZ flight should have been the second. Live and learn.

In April/May 2020, I told a visiting Saudi professor about the altercation via LinkedIn Messenger and a family member via an international phone call. Then, one night in late June 2020, during COVID lockdown, I was unwittingly drugged and covertly abducted from my sailboat, which was moored to a ball just outside of America's Cup Harbor, Shelter Island, San Diego, and removed from US territory to international waters. I was then interrogated, and although deemed innocent, I was moved to a surface vessel and formally tried as a suspected illegal deep-cover Russian intelligence agent and murderer by US intelligence. CIA Director Gina Haspel acted as judge, and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo assisted. Canada had at least one but likely more representatives present who gave authorization since my citizenship is, unfortunately, Canadian. I was administered what I could only describe as 'truth drugs' and ultimately found innocent when the prosecution, in his closing statement, rested the government's case against me. I suppose, as a man of honor, after he realized the charges were false. Had I been found guilty, the outcome would have resulted in my imprisonment, torture and murder since comments had been made during breaks in both the interrogation and the trial that I was to be delivered to Saudi Arabia. I believe Trump, Kushner, and Trudeau sought to deliver me to ingratiate themselves with MBS. In fact, Kushner was present in the audience at the trial. During a break in the interrogation, I was also asked whether I was a source for a New York Times article concerning Trump administration corruption.

From August 2020 until September 2022, while running across Mexico, Italy, Turkey, and Spain, I survived assassination attempts and violent physical attacks by strangers claiming I worked for Russian intelligence services. The violence also included robberies, druggings, vehicle strikes and near-constant psychological harassment. I have good reason to believe these efforts were orchestrated by Canada's intelligence service, CSIS, using their personnel and cooperating agents employed by Ukrainian and Libyan intelligence who at one point falsely tried to implicate me in the above-mentioned murder while recording on an iPhone. Canada would like to see their embarrassing participation disappear in any way possible, including murder.

From September 2022 until March 2023, I was detained in Switzerland during a failed political asylum bid as part of their corrupt and abusive asylum process. The US government allowed me to return to California in early March. The NSA denied my FOIA request, declaring the matter classified. Other agencies present simply ignored my FOIA requests. Canada's CSIS denied my information request under some ‘classified' exemption meant to combat hostile and subversive actions against Canada. Trump, Kushner, and Trudeau are corrupt scumbags and a clear and present danger to us all. I would like to see these three amigos face an investigation.

Another troubling aspect to my story. The Australian billionaire Pratt mentioned both murder and having been present at Mar-a-Lago in November, 2021. I don't think this was hyperbole or a coincidence.

In November 2021, a young man sharing my first and last name disappeared off his 25' boat during a two-hour midday solo boat trip originating from his house in the Florida Keys. Four months later, the Coast Guard found his boat out of the water, crashed in some mangroves with no evidence that he struck an obstacle at any point before hitting the mangroves. No body was ever recovered. In March, 2023 I unsucessfully reached out to the family and then contacted to the missing persons division of the Key West police. Without getting into too much detail, it seemed as if there was a coverup at play. Here's the link: www.findjasonheath.org

What happened to Florida Keys Jason Heath might be just a coincidence, a case of mistaken identity or an intentional substitution for me. Aside from our name, Jason and I share several characteristics including height, weight, and industry.

Don’t believe me? File an online FOIA request for information relating to my name (Jason Heath) for events that happened in and near San Diego, California in June 2020 with the NSA, CIA, FBI, DIA, DCS, and Homeland Security and see what you get back. On the Canadian side, you can file a similar request with CSIS under their Privacy Act.

A brilliant man once said, ‘It’s a big club and you ain’t in it’. Well folks, it’s full of the most evil, vile characters and Kushner, Trump and Trudeau are fully bought and paid-for members.

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What a waste of time to read this. Must be a slow news week in the investigative space. A tweet would’ve sufficed to inform followers Ivankas testifying. Yet, you felt the urge to wrap your envy, or hatred of them into it through a global domination hypothesis. Further proof journalism is dead.

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