Vicky, I just love your style of writing. So easy to coast through and feel as if you're right here in the room talking.

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Jul 30, 2022·edited Jul 30, 2022

For starters: I was a Democrat voter from my first vote at age 18 and until Bush 1 (I abstained under Reagan). I worked on the Carter campaign and was a consultant for years to Ted Kennedy. I've voted Republican since Bush 1 except the Clinton-Trump and Biden-Trump because I couldn't stand any of them. I think the Democratic party is a greater threat to democracy than the Republicans. Neither party really makes much sense to me, but in the long run Democrats, to me, pose the threat of greater damage to the country. But that's for another day.

With that (likely uninteresting) intro, I think Trump is one of the looniest humans I have ever observed. People throw around terms like narcissism, but that does not come close -- though psychopath and sociopath come close.

But Painter's view seems weak to me (I'm a lawyer too). No one really thinks Trump is president. The Saudis don't think he is president. His use of the seal is just more evidence of his derangement more than anything else. As far as accepting money from Saudis -- no one approaches the money the Clintons made from foreigners after his presidency. Modern presidents are not like Truman and Eisenhower. They are like athletes collecting endorsement money for past performance (and possible future influence).

So Painter and (sorry Ms. Ward) others show there may be something to "Trump derangement syndrome." He is such a disgusting human that it clouds the mind. I don;t think Painter makes much sense, though a letter from White House counsel would be nice, if totally ineffective.

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