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It's pretty shocking to see how people in the gov't in UK just toss off their jokey admissions that they're snobs and can't help 'finding ways to cheat and get the funds for poor towns over to the nice rich towns' etc. And in talking to someone speculate about 'you lot' because they just feel that way. They have the lowest standards for their own behavior I've ever seen. I mean, the current PM and cabinet (speaking as a Guardian reader in US.) But I was watching something or other and I saw a man speaking to the UN or NATO representing UK. He was so serious and smart-- really gripping. Later it dawned on me he must be part of the current government, but that was unbelievable to me. He was a real person, with serious consecutive thoughts, he wasn't hurrying to put some lies together in response to outrage from the public. It was David Cleverly. WHY DON'T THEY MENTION HIM EVER? WHY ISN'T HE PM?

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