I respect you and enjoy your articles. However, I totally disagree with your take on Tucker's coverage of Jan 6. He did not "excuse[] January 6 as a peaceful sightseeing tour." The link to the Newsweek article shows it's own bias. Did you watch Tucker's coverage or just read about it? I watched the videos and Tucker's coverage and did not come away thinking that he excused everyone's actions that day. Rather, the videos show that there was a mix of activities that day AND that the narrative that has been pushed for the past 2 years has been less than honest.

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1) TC's takedowns of Carville+W were decent journalism, tho no sense of humor was in evidence, even then, like the liberals he derides (tho Jon Stewart was pretty funny carving him up+getting him sacked from CNN)

2) His TV persona -- the good-looking aging, seafood scion, talking like the country club entitled pretenders he met via step-mom isn't really making a point, but framing a worldview, one equally embraced by some elites+the resentful underclass

3) Like O'Reilly, who copped a whole persona from Mort Downey (who stole his from Alan Burke+NY/LA radio shock jocks) there's no actual convo or facts or intent to think something through

4) Who knows what happened to him -- massive $$, paternal Rupert (i.e. Rebecca Wade), a powerful conduit for his rage+near-hysteria, still looking for his mom's approval who left him at six.

Tucker's always seemed kind of off to me...

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