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Thank you for covering what is just a morsel of the breakdown in the universities. That is implicates a law school is even more troubling, though hardly surprising. The core of law school (I attended one that is ranked with Yale) is the discipline of listening to both sides and then analyzing. It is clear that that is not taught.

For Gerken to issue her lame statement is like the US protesting Crimea. Like Putin, the students know what these statements of "principle" mean: nothing. Without enforcement, the true message is, do what you like, we won't punish you.

Law school is meant to be a sacred haven where the capacity to analyze conflicting views should be taught. The practice of law is, nearly in its entirety, the practice of resolving conflict. If students cannot adhere to that, at the least they should be expelled for a year. Talk is cheap. Principles that are not enforced are no longer principles. The Ten Commandments become the Ten Discretionary Guidelines.

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