Everyone is Talking about New York Real Estate

It's perfect timing for Adam Piore's THE NEW KINGS OF NEW YORK

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What’s going to happen to New York in the wake of the pandemic? How will the looming repeal of Roe v. Wade affect real estate in the city? These are things that a lot of people are talking about. 

It’s perfect timing, then, for the publication of The New Kings of New York, which comes out today from The Real Deal. Adam Piore is a very talented storyteller, and the reason his book is so fantastic is that he talks about the way the New York skyline has changed in the last forty years. He weaves together an incredible story about the outsized egos that shaped the fabric of this city. 

It’s rare for a book about real estate to read like a thriller, but this one does.

In this video, I talk about New York real estate and my favorite anecdote in Adam’s book about a remarkable underdog.